TRIVISIO is the main European developer of head mounted displays.

​TRIVISIO offers a wide range of near-the-eye technologies including head mounted displays, binocular, monocular, hand-held, digital telescopes as well as many other optical and digital developments.

​The wireless inertial motion trackers developed by TRIVISIO, are operational in the production for movement control by top international companies, as well as in the medical field.

​Thanks to experience of more than 15 years in partnership with the most prestigious research institutions, numerous multinationals and the military, TRIVISIO has become one of the most important experts in meeting the needs of professionals in real time, offering tailor-made solutions combining optics, micro-electronics and mechanics. TRIVISIO has thus developed the only proprietary technological toolbox enabling it to offer a wide range of plug-and-play, reliable and high quality products at the best prices on the professional market.

TRIVISIO’s DNA consists of a team of researchers who have worked on the most complex problems requiring solutions. This team, that is at the origin of the industry, was created more than 13 years ago. It has enabled TRIVISIO to design a range of high performance equipment aimed main at integrators.

​TRIVISIO’s products are recognised as being of the highest quality by the greatest specialists in the world. TRIVISIO is specialized in developping tailor-made products that can be adapted to the problems facing their customers’ industries.

​TRIVISIO delivers items at the peak of performance, at a very competitive price, and offers personalisation of its products on demand within very short time frames (two weeks).

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