Trivisio is the main European developer of smart glasses. For over two decades, we have been developing and prototyping near-the-eye technologies.

We offer a wide range of applications, including binocular, monocular, opaque, optical see-through, hand-held, digital telescopes as well as many other developments.

Our newest device – the Junior – is a first breakthrough towards the consumer market which allows the user to explore his augmented environment hands-free.

Our expertise

We combine electronics, optics and mechanics into new applications.

Work with our partners for tailor-made solutions.

What sets us apart

We Develop state of the art technologies.

We offer fast and flexible performance.

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Thanks to our experience of 25 years in partnerships with the most prestigious research institutions, numerous multinationals and the military, TRIVISIO is the only expert in meeting the needs of professionals in real time, offering tailor-made solutions, combining optics, micro-electronics and mechanics.TRIVISIO has thus developed the technological toolbox enabling a wide range of plug-and-play, reliable and high quality products for the professional market.