Research Projects

AR-System zur interoperativen Unterstützung für die Lymphknotenexstirpation.

Entwicklung eines Augmented-Reality-Systems zur dreidimensionalen intraoperativen Visualisierung von Lymphknoten auf Basis des IR-Fluoreszenzfarbstoffs ICG


Trivisio Prototyping GmbH (Coordinator)

Frauenhofer IGD

University Hospital Essen

University Hospital Mainz

Assistance of body functions by hands-Free Application In augmented Reality.

website: http://fair.interactive-minds.com/

The joint project participants will develop human-machine interaction demonstrators. These will be controlled via capture and analysis of eye movements, based on visual information coming from a special bidirectional display. The development of bidirectional optical micro displays that combine integrated control electronics, display and camera open up completely new possibilities for human-machine interaction and communication with the environment.


Interactive Minds Dresden GmbH

 Fraunhofer COMEDD

 Technische Universität Dresden

 Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus

 Trivisio Prototyping GmbH


Real-Time and 3D navigation system for sentinel node detection and precise localization in the operating room.

This project proposes an innovative systems to precisely localize lymphatic nodes connected to the tumour with 3D orientation information. The resulting images will be shown to the surgeon from his point of view in real-time.


Oncovision, GEM-Imaging S.A.

 Trivisio Prototyping GmbH

 University Hospital Essen, Department of Dermatology

Visual Impaired Digital Platform.

The planned system is a universal, flexible digital viewing device for the visually impaired, including an information and navigation tool, thus providing better and safer mobility and resulting in quality of life improvement.


Trivisio Prototyping GmbH

 German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
- Research Group Augmented Vision

 EOS Electro-Opticheskiye sistemi

 Low Vision Totaal BV

 Lysoglup v/Steen Scheffler ApS

 Optima Low Vision Services Ltd


 Recoletos Baja Vision

 Schepens Eye Research Institute - affiliate of Harvard Medical School

Cognitive Workflow Capturing and Rendering with On-Body Sensor Networks.

website: http://www.ict-cognito.org/

Physical Activity Monitoring for Aging People.


website: http://www.pamap.org/

Experiencing urban film and Cultural Heritage while on-the move.

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Improving Display and Rendering Technology for Virtual Environments.

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Ultra portable augmented reality for industrial maintenance applications.




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