Trivisio Product Range

TRIVISIO is specialised in head mounted displays and inertial motion tracking devices. By combining electronics, mechanics and optics into new applications, state of the art technologies are developed. TRIVISIO has full production in Luxembourg.
Head Mounted Displays
Near the Eye Technology.


TRIVISIO offers a wide range of near-the-eye technologies including head mounted displays, binocular, monocular, hand-held, digital telescopes as well as many other optical and digital developments. Click on the products below to get more details about Trivisio's range.

Optical See-Through Glasses

Opaque Glasses


Inertial Motion Tracking Applications


TRIVISIO's wireless inertial motion trackers developed are operational in a wide variety of application like the production for movement control by top international companies, as well as in the medical field. Click below to find specifications.

Video See-Through


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